A consulting firm that builds strong partnerships to improve the IT Service Management maturity of our customers, partners and employees. A sample list of our qualifications
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An organization designed to be a vehicle that enriches the lives that come into contact with it. Giving customers the highest quality, lowest risk and lowest cost in consulting services and staff career advancement opportunities .



Highest quality

Our organization has hand-picked individuals for their key attributes that, when combined with Adaptom's experience and systems for full-service delivery, continues to meet and exceed our customers' expectations. Surveys of our customers report the highest ratings for service quality based on the following criteria to which our staff and systems are held.

1. Integrity: Honesty and transparency. We will do what we say will do.

2. Friendship: Personal and caring perspective that looks out for the interests of others before our own. Reducing points of pain to make people's lives easier.

3. Professional: Presentable staff and documentation meeting high standards and using proper business language.

4. Expertise: Knowledge and documentation to support the tasks at hand. All involved leave tasks with an improved understanding of the material.

5. Value: All involved perceive value from the services; whether that be reduced costs, increased revenue, improve social or business conditions or identifiable IT Service Management maturity that will reap benefits in the future.

Lowest risk

100% of our services have been delivered on time and at, or below, budget.

By engaging Adaptom for your IT Service Management project you are getting a full-service commitment. This commitment takes the management, design, and development tasks off the hands of your key resources, thereby retaining their focus on what you actually hired them to do. Also, since this has been undertaken by Adaptom staff hundreds of times, you are also benefitting from lessons learned across many projects. Points of failure and time to release will be significantly reduced. Take advantage of our experience to achieve a simpler, smoother and more successful adoption of key best practices.

Lowest cost

For the same price as you would typically pay for 2 weeks of consulting with other consulting providers in this space, you can sign up for one of Adaptom's mid-range full-service commitments which includes the same 2 weeks of on-site consulting PLUS 10 weeks of remote coaching, consulting and development.

If the full-service route isn't for you, you will still find our daily consulting rates at a 10%-20% discount as compared to other consulting providers in the ITIL and SDE space.

If price is your deciding factor, please give us the opportunity to provide you with the highest quality, lowest risk services at the lowest price.

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